Tips When You Shop for Steiff UK Teddy Bears in Vintage Shops

Tips When You Shop for Steiff UK Teddy Bears in Vintage Shops

When collectors shop for Steiff UK teddy bears nowadays, the initial response would be to go to the internet and hit the right buttons. With our modern world, this isn’t a strange a thing as it would have been a century ago. However, collectible pieces are not solely traded in the interwebs. You’d be surprised to know that quite a number of interesting finds are a product of vintage or antique shops.

Today, we’ll give you a few tricks and reminders to make Steiff teddy bear shopping in vintage shops a rewarding treat!

  • Know your bears. We don’t expect you to know every single detail there is about all the models released during the past century but if you are a passionate collector then you must at least have some knowledge in your sleeves. Remember that as years went by, the designs and materials varied. You can tell the age of an item based on the material it is made of.
  • Always scrutinize the button in ear. This trade mark also known as the “Knopf im ohr” is a signature originally created by Steiff to differentiate its products from imitations. Its design and material varied not only throughout the years but also depending on whether or not it was a limited edition release.
  • steiff-ukThe button in ear and fabric tags adds value. Their presence can bring up the price of the toy significantly. Not only are they a trademark feature but they too make the pieces unique from all the other stuffed animals in the market then and now. Its absence of course doesn’t mean that the item is immediately fake and one can easily find a puncture where it once was but that would really bring down the toy’s value.
  • Don’t sacrifice condition. Just because it is a rare toy doesn’t mean that it is reasonable to buy it even when it is in a poor state. If it is for example too damaged or you have good reason to believe that it is infested with bugs then don’t make the bet. It’ll only likely infect your other collection pieces.
  • Try to dig history. Where possible, ask the shop’s owner if they have any idea or recollection as to how the toy came into their shop. That should give you even the slightest clue about the toy’s upkeep and authenticity.

There you have it and remember to enjoy yourself when you shop for Steiff UK teddy bears! Come and visit this page

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