The Villains and Superheroes of Your Collectible Teddy Bears

LV teddy bearCollectible teddy bears are a thing. Yes and they’re hugely popular too. A few clicks on your search bar will reveal that they happen to be one of the most sought after items among collectors. Also, that a particular teddy sold at a Monaco auction for a whopping $2.1 million and now resides at a beautiful museum in the province of Jeju, Korea.

So if you happen to be on the bandwagon or are still planning to, you’d likely find this article useful. That’s because today, we’ll tell you a thing or two about the superheroes and the villains that can make or break your toy collection.

The Villains

  1. Dust and Dirt – As time goes by, dust and dirt are bound to accumulate on your collectibles. They’re inevitable so cleaning supplies are always handy.
  2. Food Spills and Stains – Not only do they cause discoloration and a need to immediately have the teddy cleaned but food spills and stains are likely to attract insects and mice.
  3. Bugs and Rodents – Speaking of which, these pests will not only nibble on your pieces but they too are likely to thrive in it to the point that it becomes irreparable.
  4. Poor Storage System – The first three villains are more likely to cause terror because of this. Without good storage units, your teddy bears are bound to soak in more wear and tear. It also opens it up to more risks like accidents.
  5. Humidity and Moisture – These two will encourage the development of molds and will cause the rotting of the fur and the stuffing.

The Superheroes

  1. Ample Knowledge – If you want to be a collector and you’re serious about it, start with knowledge. There is more to collecting teddies than simply having them with you. Adequate know-how and information about your pieces and how to take care of them will really aid in better upkeep.
  2. Regular Maintenance – You need to clean, dust off and inspect them on the regular. This prevents any of the villains above to penetrate through. It shall also avoid a bad situation from getting worse.
  3. Adequate Storage – Display and storage units come in different forms, shapes and sizes. The most popular ones would be open shelving and glass door cabinets.
  4. Reach Limits – Since these items are more for display and not for play, putting them high enough so that pets and kids cannot easily reach it would be necessary.
  5. Repair Shops – Collectible teddy bears are not like your regular toys so any damages must be treated by someone with the professional expertise and the right tools.

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