Characteristics of Well-Maintained Stuffed Animals

steiff-stuff-animalStuffed animals are a surefire favorite among many, kids and kids at heart included. This is why it comes as no surprise that they are crowned as the most sought after, manufactured and bought toy in the world. With over a century of history and despite the charms of modern age, they continued to prosper and capture hearts. But here’s the question, are we loving them back?

Owning a stuffed animal be it a teddy bear, a plush elephant or a cuddly panda has its responsibilities too. Sure it’s nowhere near owning a legit pet but it will still require proper care and maintenance.

So here goes a question that many of you are likely to ask. What makes a well-maintained stuffed animal? How can you say that you’ve been a good toy parent? Here, take a look.

  1. Whole and Intact

This one is pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how many people seem to fail at it. Detached limbs and torn hems may sound too extreme, although they are possible, but even the simplest damages like a missing button, a dislocated eye, a tangled ribbon and a torn away piece of clothing are considered to be a sad thing. It’s not hard to keep the toy whole and intact, contrary to what many would assume. How to do it? It’s easy. Provide proper storage and fix any injuries as soon as found.

  1. Puffy and Cuddly

This means that the toy has been kept properly. It wasn’t squished nor was it subjected to moisture and humidity. Also, the dirtier the stuffed animal gets, the more the stuffing tends to collapse on itself. To bring it back to its puffy and cuddly state, all you’d have to do is wash it and dry it fully. For best results, use your clothes dryer.

  1. Smells Good

This is a no brainer. Everything that smells good is a sign of cleanliness. Of course, don’t try to cheat by spraying the item with perfume or cologne.

  1. Clean and Tidy

A toy that is tidied up well and has no signs of dirt, grime oil, food stains and the like are a sight to behold. Even if the said items are played with, it is still possible to keep them clean with proper maintenance and washing.

  1. Bug and Rodent Free

Lastly, well-maintained stuffed animals are free from bug infestations and rodent bites. When these toys are not kept properly and are not cleaned as needed, they will tend to attract molds and insects which will reside within the stuffing inside. Rodents on the other hand may find them chewable and food-worthy.