Tips When You Shop for Steiff UK Teddy Bears in Vintage Shops

Tips When You Shop for Steiff UK Teddy Bears in Vintage Shops

When collectors shop for Steiff UK teddy bears nowadays, the initial response would be to go to the internet and hit the right buttons. With our modern world, this isn’t a strange a thing as it would have been a century ago. However, collectible pieces are not solely traded in the interwebs. You’d be surprised to know that quite a number of interesting finds are a product of vintage or antique shops.

Today, we’ll give you a few tricks and reminders to make Steiff teddy bear shopping in vintage shops a rewarding treat!

  • Know your bears. We don’t expect you to know every single detail there is about all the models released during the past century but if you are a passionate collector then you must at least have some knowledge in your sleeves. Remember that as years went by, the designs and materials varied. You can tell the age of an item based on the material it is made of.
  • Always scrutinize the button in ear. This trade mark also known as the “Knopf im ohr” is a signature originally created by Steiff to differentiate its products from imitations. Its design and material varied not only throughout the years but also depending on whether or not it was a limited edition release.
  • steiff-ukThe button in ear and fabric tags adds value. Their presence can bring up the price of the toy significantly. Not only are they a trademark feature but they too make the pieces unique from all the other stuffed animals in the market then and now. Its absence of course doesn’t mean that the item is immediately fake and one can easily find a puncture where it once was but that would really bring down the toy’s value.
  • Don’t sacrifice condition. Just because it is a rare toy doesn’t mean that it is reasonable to buy it even when it is in a poor state. If it is for example too damaged or you have good reason to believe that it is infested with bugs then don’t make the bet. It’ll only likely infect your other collection pieces.
  • Try to dig history. Where possible, ask the shop’s owner if they have any idea or recollection as to how the toy came into their shop. That should give you even the slightest clue about the toy’s upkeep and authenticity.

There you have it and remember to enjoy yourself when you shop for Steiff UK teddy bears! Come and visit this page

Add and Retain Value of Vintage Steiff Bears

rare Steiff bearVintage Steiff bears rule the top ten list of the world’s most sought after toy collectibles. With its interesting history and designs that range from fun, catchy, classic, poignant, minimal and all around extravagant, they are no doubt items to behold. These toys are being traded and auctioned all over the globe. Some of them are pretty affordable while others can be exceedingly expensive. Of course, that will depend on several factors like design, condition and exclusivity.

If you own one, a few or an entire room of vintage Steiff teddy bears, it is but understandable as to why you will want to retain or even add value to it. After all, collecting them is not just a hobby. For others, it’s an investment and a form of business. Whatever your reasons for your collection, below are ways on how you can add and retain the value of your stuffed teddies.

  • Repair when needed. 

Because most vintage pieces have lived for so long, others a couple of decades, some of them may already suffer from damages. There could be a loose button eye, a torn limb, an undone hem, a detached ribbon or flattened filling. When such damages are deemed present, take them to the experts for repair. Do not attempt to DIY your way through it because you might cause more harm than good. Remember that these toys are made of a different set of materials from long ago. It is best to leave it at expert hands.

  • Clean out dirt and bugs. 

Likewise if the toy is filled with dust, grime, dirt or worse with bugs, hand it to a toy repair shop once again. Have the toy refurbished and cleaned. After all, no collector will want an item that’s too dirty beyond repair. Plus, a bug infestation is never a good sight. That could even spread out and wipe your whole toy collection! Act on it fast.

  • Put them in good storage. 

Invest in quality storage for your vintage Steiff bears. Choose one that is not easily penetrated by dirt and one that keeps them at harm’s way from children and pets. Shelving would be great as well as glass door cabinets.

    • Be updated and knowledgable.

The price and value of vintage Steiff bears can fluctuate and change. Apart from condition, age and exclusivity, the demand can play a huge role too. It is best if you keep yourself informed about the market to better rally up the values.

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