Collectible Teddy Bears of Royal Descent

kate-middleton-bearWe’ve come to know people of royal descent or those whose veins bore signs of monarch blood. From kings and queens who ruled nations to dukes and lords who continue the lineage of their forefathers; these men and women have graced history in their own way. Whether it was for the better or not is a story for another day. Today’s agenda, brought to you by, puts the spotlight not on the monarchs themselves but on their infamous teddy bears who in a way inherited royalty.

  • Charles Stephens

This teddy bear is none like the rest. Bought by Prince William for his then pregnant wife Kate Middleton, it comes in a pin-striped vest and white dress shirt with a red tie and pocket square. He got it as a surprise gift for her which he then presented after she gave birth. It’s an annual bear from Harrods, the upmarket department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge in London.

  • Tambo Station Donaldson

A Mr Stockman teddy bear named “Tambo Station Donaldson” was presented as a gift to the future king of Denmark, Prince Christian, on the 15th of October in 2005 by Lawrence Springborg and the 2005 State Opposition party on behalf of all Queenslanders. The hand-made toy was in fact a special one in the sense that it was the 27,500th bear to ever be made. It was named as such since Prince Christian’s mother, Princess Mary, was a Donaldson prior to her marriage.

  • Alonzo

A vintage bear, Alonzo was manufactured around 1908 by German brand Steiff. It was purchased by George Mikhailovich, Grand Duke of Russia, for his daughter Princess Xenia. Back in 1989, it fetched $12,100 at a Christie’s auction in London, England. The striking red bear accompanied the princess when she was forced to flee to England on the eve of the Russian Revolution.

  • Queen Elizabeth II

Manufactured as a form of commemoration, the toy was manufactured by Steiff to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable feat. As of September 9, 2016, she has officially surpassed Queen Victoria to become the longest ruling monarch of the United Kingdom. She is likewise the oldest living monarch today and the longest reigning female monarch of the world. The Queen Elizabeth II Steiff bear measure 30 centimeters in size, is made from Schulte Mohair, comes with a crown and deep blue coronation robe with spotted plush edging and is a musical bear that plays the National Anthem “God Save the Queen”.