Score Collectible Teddy Bears in Auctions Like a Pro

collectible steiffCollectible teddy bears are so prized that they can easily smash some numbers at auctions both offline and online. But for someone who is just starting their collection or to that aficionado who isn’t well versed with the bidding platform just yet, how exactly does one score a collectible like a pro? We’ve got some tips. Read on to find out.

  • Gain a good amount of experience. There’s nothing wrong about bidding on your first auction but you might want to simply act as an observing eye at least for the first one. This way, you get a feel of how things work and feel.
  • Get your funding ready. You have to know how much resources you have, where you are deriving them and when they are available. They have to be on hand because you can’t keep the seller waiting. Others will try to grab the chance too so best be prepared. Besides, winning the bid is just the first part. You’ll have to provide your end of the bargain and that includes the payment.
  • Don’t be too transparent. If there are collectible teddy bears that suit your fancy, don’t show your emotions blatantly both to sellers and to other participating bidders. Do not by any means divulge how much your budget is or how much you are willing to pay because you’ll attract unwarranted attention and that information can be used against you. Keep your cards as close to your chest as possible.
  • Be aware of the toys being auctioned off. Know how they are valued in the current market. It is easy to say that a certain piece is valued this and that but you can never know for sure. What you can do is research, study and do arm yourself with knowledge. It shouldn’t be so hard given the presence of various channels especially the internet.
  • Set your limits. You need to have a maximum spending limit or else all hell will break loose. You need to act wisely and with that comes the need to conform to your budget and available finances. Don’t let emotion drive things on its own. You’ll regret it later.
  • As much as you can score items lower than their market value you can also be prone to spending way more than that. To do away with such mistake, be sure to read up and research on how certain assets are valued. Consider features, location and useful life among others.


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