Score Collectible Teddy Bears in Auctions Like a Pro

collectible steiffCollectible teddy bears are so prized that they can easily smash some numbers at auctions both offline and online. But for someone who is just starting their collection or to that aficionado who isn’t well versed with the bidding platform just yet, how exactly does one score a collectible like a pro? We’ve got some tips. Read on to find out.

  • Gain a good amount of experience. There’s nothing wrong about bidding on your first auction but you might want to simply act as an observing eye at least for the first one. This way, you get a feel of how things work and feel.
  • Get your funding ready. You have to know how much resources you have, where you are deriving them and when they are available. They have to be on hand because you can’t keep the seller waiting. Others will try to grab the chance too so best be prepared. Besides, winning the bid is just the first part. You’ll have to provide your end of the bargain and that includes the payment.
  • Don’t be too transparent. If there are collectible teddy bears that suit your fancy, don’t show your emotions blatantly both to sellers and to other participating bidders. Do not by any means divulge how much your budget is or how much you are willing to pay because you’ll attract unwarranted attention and that information can be used against you. Keep your cards as close to your chest as possible.
  • Be aware of the toys being auctioned off. Know how they are valued in the current market. It is easy to say that a certain piece is valued this and that but you can never know for sure. What you can do is research, study and do arm yourself with knowledge. It shouldn’t be so hard given the presence of various channels especially the internet.
  • Set your limits. You need to have a maximum spending limit or else all hell will break loose. You need to act wisely and with that comes the need to conform to your budget and available finances. Don’t let emotion drive things on its own. You’ll regret it later.
  • As much as you can score items lower than their market value you can also be prone to spending way more than that. To do away with such mistake, be sure to read up and research on how certain assets are valued. Consider features, location and useful life among others.


Why Buy Teddy Bears Online?

steiff 126In this day and age more than anything, it’s important to be a smart shopper. Of course, we don’t want to take the fun out of the game but at the same time it’s also crucial to add in practicality. This is why more and more people find it not only convenient but also sensible to buy teddy bears online. But what exactly are its perks and what are the reasons behind this? Let’s take a look.

As we said earlier, it is convenient. The very charm of buying pretty much anything over the World Wide Web is the fact that it brings in the factor of convenience. Think about it. You can order from anywhere, including your bed, and have the item delivered to your doorstep or to anyone you wish to send the parcel to. You don’t have to get up and wash your hair, put on decent clothes (because really we love our pajamas), drive to the mall, suffer the long queues at the cashier and get stuck in traffic on the way home. It’s a battlefield out there and although traditional shopping is indeed fun, there are just days when we won’t have any of the strings attached to it. A click of a button is enough to entice us especially when we’re too tired from work and errands all day.

Moreover, buying these toys online allows for a bigger market and more options. Not only can we have them delivered wherever we may be, we can also purchase from anywhere around the world. Imagine, you don’t have to board a plane to buy that much coveted collectible piece whose seller lives two continents away. Besides, there simply are a lot of brands and items that are not available anywhere near. Online shops, in these scenarios, are our saviors and heroes.

Anything more, you ask? Of course, there are loads more reasons why you should buy teddy bears online. Remember how we’re often told to canvass and compare before buying anything? When shopping online for toys, this chore becomes extra easy. How so? You no longer have to physically hop and drive from one store to the next, one mall to the other in order to compare the prices and quality of the items offered. You can do this all online with the help of your favorite search engine. Need reviews? You can look those up as well. Easy-peesy right?


Collectible Teddy Bears of Royal Descent

kate-middleton-bearWe’ve come to know people of royal descent or those whose veins bore signs of monarch blood. From kings and queens who ruled nations to dukes and lords who continue the lineage of their forefathers; these men and women have graced history in their own way. Whether it was for the better or not is a story for another day. Today’s agenda, brought to you by, puts the spotlight not on the monarchs themselves but on their infamous teddy bears who in a way inherited royalty.

  • Charles Stephens

This teddy bear is none like the rest. Bought by Prince William for his then pregnant wife Kate Middleton, it comes in a pin-striped vest and white dress shirt with a red tie and pocket square. He got it as a surprise gift for her which he then presented after she gave birth. It’s an annual bear from Harrods, the upmarket department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge in London.

  • Tambo Station Donaldson

A Mr Stockman teddy bear named “Tambo Station Donaldson” was presented as a gift to the future king of Denmark, Prince Christian, on the 15th of October in 2005 by Lawrence Springborg and the 2005 State Opposition party on behalf of all Queenslanders. The hand-made toy was in fact a special one in the sense that it was the 27,500th bear to ever be made. It was named as such since Prince Christian’s mother, Princess Mary, was a Donaldson prior to her marriage.

  • Alonzo

A vintage bear, Alonzo was manufactured around 1908 by German brand Steiff. It was purchased by George Mikhailovich, Grand Duke of Russia, for his daughter Princess Xenia. Back in 1989, it fetched $12,100 at a Christie’s auction in London, England. The striking red bear accompanied the princess when she was forced to flee to England on the eve of the Russian Revolution.

  • Queen Elizabeth II

Manufactured as a form of commemoration, the toy was manufactured by Steiff to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable feat. As of September 9, 2016, she has officially surpassed Queen Victoria to become the longest ruling monarch of the United Kingdom. She is likewise the oldest living monarch today and the longest reigning female monarch of the world. The Queen Elizabeth II Steiff bear measure 30 centimeters in size, is made from Schulte Mohair, comes with a crown and deep blue coronation robe with spotted plush edging and is a musical bear that plays the National Anthem “God Save the Queen”.

Characteristics of Well-Maintained Stuffed Animals

steiff-stuff-animalStuffed animals are a surefire favorite among many, kids and kids at heart included. This is why it comes as no surprise that they are crowned as the most sought after, manufactured and bought toy in the world. With over a century of history and despite the charms of modern age, they continued to prosper and capture hearts. But here’s the question, are we loving them back?

Owning a stuffed animal be it a teddy bear, a plush elephant or a cuddly panda has its responsibilities too. Sure it’s nowhere near owning a legit pet but it will still require proper care and maintenance.

So here goes a question that many of you are likely to ask. What makes a well-maintained stuffed animal? How can you say that you’ve been a good toy parent? Here, take a look.

  1. Whole and Intact

This one is pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how many people seem to fail at it. Detached limbs and torn hems may sound too extreme, although they are possible, but even the simplest damages like a missing button, a dislocated eye, a tangled ribbon and a torn away piece of clothing are considered to be a sad thing. It’s not hard to keep the toy whole and intact, contrary to what many would assume. How to do it? It’s easy. Provide proper storage and fix any injuries as soon as found.

  1. Puffy and Cuddly

This means that the toy has been kept properly. It wasn’t squished nor was it subjected to moisture and humidity. Also, the dirtier the stuffed animal gets, the more the stuffing tends to collapse on itself. To bring it back to its puffy and cuddly state, all you’d have to do is wash it and dry it fully. For best results, use your clothes dryer.

  1. Smells Good

This is a no brainer. Everything that smells good is a sign of cleanliness. Of course, don’t try to cheat by spraying the item with perfume or cologne.

  1. Clean and Tidy

A toy that is tidied up well and has no signs of dirt, grime oil, food stains and the like are a sight to behold. Even if the said items are played with, it is still possible to keep them clean with proper maintenance and washing.

  1. Bug and Rodent Free

Lastly, well-maintained stuffed animals are free from bug infestations and rodent bites. When these toys are not kept properly and are not cleaned as needed, they will tend to attract molds and insects which will reside within the stuffing inside. Rodents on the other hand may find them chewable and food-worthy.