A Guide to Buying Toys for Children

shopping-toysThe holiday season is fast approaching and do you know what that means? It is gift giving season once again and with that comes the fun but sometimes nerve wracking task of buying presents and competing on the racks with other giddy shoppers. One of the most purchased items for children during this time would have to be toys. No brainer there. But one has to make sure that you not only get something that’s fun but also one that is safe for the kids. With that said, Steiffteddybears.co.uk has the following tips to a kid friendly toy shopping spree!

  • Always check the label. Government agencies and private organizations have made sure that manufacturers adequately inform their customers about their products. With toys, this is done with appropriate tags and labels sewn and stamped into the toy or on the packaging. You will know the materials used especially for kids that suffer from allergies, age appropriation and care instructions among others.
  • Avoid choking hazards at all costs. The rule of thumb is to avoid getting an item with pieces that can go in a kid’s mouth. It has to be large enough to prevent them from stuffing the toy into their mouth.
  • Avoid anything with pointed features and edges. It’ll likely cause serious injuries particularly to the eyes and mouth. This includes items that are able to shoot things into the air, doll houses with sharp corners and the like.
  • Always go for durability. Children are not the most kind of people when it comes to play so you will want to purchase something that is durable enough and will not break or crack or tear under pressure.
  • Do not buy items that are not marked as “non-toxic”. The sense of taste is a kid’s initial sensory knowledge so they are likely to put everything in their mouths. Toys that are painted should be scrutinized to ensure that materials used are toxic free and do not contain things such as lead.
  • Keep your toys age appropriate. Not everything is for everyone. Small pieces can choke while very large ones can put weight on and disable breathing. Simply put, you have to assess each toy and examine if they will fit the age of the kid you are planning to give it to. What good would it be if it’s merely for fun and danger?